Monday, October 17, 2005

Mr. and Mrs.Smith

This is a pretty good movie I have seen. I have see this movie in a movie theater. It is a good action movie. And the man is handsome, and the woman is beautiful.
A married couple both have a
secret: they are both assassins who kill people for a living. But, the biggest secret is that they don't know that the other is also an assassin. This problem becomes even bigger when they learn the each other's secret and are instructed to kill the other.
In this movie I find a lot of funny, it is a special one I have seen. Maybe somebody around us is a killer! Woo! It’s dangerous..

Sunday, October 02, 2005

ALCPT 9R 97-3 group 2
21. When ice is spoiled to heat, it changed to water.
What does it changed to?
22. When men travel between earth and moon, what do their ships travel through?
23. Lieutenant Smith said, Lieutenant Li is a lucky young man.
What does he say about Lieutenant Li?
24. Paul gave his maximum effort in class.
What kind of effort did he give?
25. When Bob was sick, he went to a man who killed him.
Who killed Bob?
26. I have to go to the town.
27. Gasoline is inflammable.
28. Jim talked easily to everybody.
29. Turn that machine on.
30. It might rain tomorrow.

45. After having dinner many of students go to the room and study.
46. Paperback books are cheaper than bareback books.
47. George did not want to go the bank, so his roommate went there alone.
48. Lieutenant Allen forgot to put his return address on the package.